Our student participated clean india 2.0

Date: 28-10-2022

On October 28, 2022, students from Sivanthi Adhitanar College Pillayarpuram, Nagercoil participated in the Clean India 2.0 program. The students actively created awareness among people about the importance of keeping the environment clean and green.

As part of the program, the students engaged in various activities such as cleaning streets, painting walls with messages on cleanliness, and distributing pamphlets on waste management. They also interacted with local residents and shopkeepers to educate them about the benefits of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

The program was organized with the objective of creating awareness among the public about the need for cleanliness and hygiene, and the role that every individual can play in contributing to this cause. The participation of the students from Sivanthi Adhitanar College Pillayarpuram was greatly appreciated by the organizers and the local community.

Overall, the participation of the college students in the Clean India 2.0 program was a significant step towards promoting cleanliness and hygiene in the local community. It reflects the college's commitment to social responsibility and its efforts to instill values of civic sense and environmental consciousness among its students.