Sivanthi Aditanar College, Pillayarpuram is a co-educational self-finance College, inaugurated on 12th July 1984. This institution is being run by Thenkumari Educational Society, an association of temple trusts and individuals belonging to Hindu Nadar Community of Kanyakumari District as shareholders. The College is situated in a vast evergreen and pollution free campus in Pillayarpuram village, which is just 5 km away from Nagercoil town on the Sanguthurai Beach Road.

The objective of the College is to impart quality and disciplined education for the allround development of students in particular women hailing from the educationally, economically and socially backward sections of the population and to bring them to the fore of the society.

The idea to start the institution occured in the minds of Prof. S. Thanumalai and Prof. R. Andi Nadar. They shared their views with the prominent persons in the society and the Founder Committee was formed in 1982. Thiru. P. Thanulinga Nadar Ex. M.P., played an important role as Co-ordinator of the activities of the founder committee. He stimulated the members to carry out the preliminary works for the establishment of the College.

Dr. B. Sivanthi Adithan, a top brass of our time in journalism, education, industry and sports and Games, Dr. M. Natarajan MBBS., M.Ch (Ortho) FRCS (Eng) and Dr. C. Kumaraswamy MBBS D.A., used their goodwill and longstanding association with the then Chief Minister Dr. M.G. Ramachandran to get permission from the government for the college. The then Education Minister Mr. C. Aranganayagam also rendered his support for the establishment of this institution.

Thiru. S. Sundaralingam, a Philontharaphic businessman in Kottar and President of the Founder Committee, Thiru. S. Murugesan, a noble hearted merchant and Vice President of the Founder Committee, Thiru. S. Sathasivan, a staunch devotee of Lord Siva and treasurer of the Founder Committee and Thiru. S. Rajagopalan, former District congress president and Founder secretary of the college shouldered the responsibility to establish the college and to provide the necessary infrastructure. They mobilised the required money for the college through their contribution and collection of donation and shares from the people. They are the real pillars on which the edifice of the college has been built. Thiru. S. Srinivasan and Thiru. P. Paramasivan, retired teachers in the Founder committee, Thiru. S. Murugesan, editor of the monthly journal Indu Bhoomi and member of the founder committee and Thiru. K. Annakunjaran first H.O.D. of Tamil in our college dedicated themselves in canvassing shares and collecting money from the shareholders throughout the district.

We are indebted to the Udayappankudyiruppu, Monikettipottal and Pillayarpuram. They gave their valuable lands voluntarily for the college. By God's grace the construction work moved swiftly without a hitch.

The college was first affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University and started with under graduate courses in Mathematics, Commerce, History and Economics in the year 1984. Since 1990 the college is affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar- University, Thirunelveli. Prof. M. Natesan, the first principal of the college raised it into a fullfledged post graduate institution through his unstinted efforts and perseverance by introducing M.Sc. (Physics) and M.Com. courses in July 1991.

An important landmark in the history of the college is the introduction of MCA course in 1992. Our college is the first Arts College, in our district to introduce MCA course. Our college got AICTE approval for the MCA course in June 2000.

The important milestones in the progress of the College are the introduction of M.Sc. Microbiology Course in 1996, M.Phil. Course in Mathematics in 2007, M.Phil. Course in Commerce in 2008 and M.Phil. course in Microbiology in 2010.

The longtime dream of the founders to errect a temple in the college campus became a reality through the consecration of Thenkumari Vinayagar Temple in 1998.

Thanks to the strenuous and concerted efforts of Thiru. P. Hari Ramakrishnan, a renowned devotee of Ayya Vaikundar and Vice President of Thenkumari Educational Society, Thiru. T. Yasotharan, a dynamic industrialist and the then secretary of our college and Thiru. R. Balakrishnan, a top class Government contractor and our shareholder and other well wishers. A Polytechnic in the name of Sree Vaikundar was established in our campus as an associate institution of our college in June 2010. Thiru. S. Jeyapaul, MLA helped for getting permission from the Government for the Polytechnic.

With all this prudence Er. K. Athiveera Rama Pandian got approval from various govt. departments for the Sree Vaikundar polytechnic College. Through his selfless service he raised impressive buildings with the strenuous renvyl support of the management.

Thiru. P. Hari Ramakrishnan constructed a modern auditorium in our campus in the name of Ayya Vaikundar and donated it to our college on 5-3-2011.

Sivanthi Aditanar College is a boon to students who cannot go to distant places to pursue their studies. This college plays a vital role in taking higher education to the door steps of the rural population int this area who otherwise will be denied education. Thus it helps the students and their parents. This institution has produced thousands of graduates and post graduates. Alumni of this college are occupying higher positions in various government departments and leading private organisations throughout the world. Invoking Her perennial blessings for continuous growth the institution is dedicated to the golden feet of Godess Kumari Bagavathi.