Department of Botany



Sivanthi Aditanar College, the temple of learning opened its service to the society in 1983. Of many of its wings, the Botany Department with its intention of propagating the dynamism of vegetation with serenity had its inauguration in the year of 1985 with Mr. N. S. Ramachandran as its head.

It was utmost fortunate to take forward the task of leading the department from 1986 onwards. Inspite of the opportunity received to serve as an allied subject, in co-ordination with the sister departments tireless efforts are taken to impart wholesome education to the students by conducting frequent seminars and workshops with eminent resource personalities.

The academic output of our students in Botany always had considerable number of distinction achievers.

The exhibition conducted in the year 2005 had a well appreciated Botanical Garden.

Besides this, it is noteworthy to mention that the department had always extended its hard efforts to get the students prepared for their future competitive exams.

Sivanthi Aditanar College has always paid special attention towards the safety and security of the girl children and myself being the co-ordinator of the Anti Ragging Cell and Students Redressal Forum, had got the privilege of streamlining and empowering the young minds in tune with the modern world.

Being an enthusiastic Botanist with energized students and encouraging management along with all my colleagues, I do look forward for a very bright future for this temple of learning.

Sarojini Bai

Head of the Department